We offer thesis projects on a Bachelor and Master level for the different research topics of our lab on a regular basis.

Thesis projects can be of theoretical or applied nature. Theoretical projects focus more on fundamental research, e.g., implementing and investigating new methods; topics might be more abstract and might require additional skills like higher mathematics. Applied projects will apply existing methods to new problems or data sets, or they involve the generation of novel data sets related to specific problems.

While we are open to accepting students with diverse academic backgrounds, we require good Python coding skills from all candidates.

What we offer

Students are considered full members of our lab community. They partake in our regular lab meetings and are invited to join other lab activities, as well. We maintain an informal but professional work environment. Our lab community is highly diverse and open-minded; Geeks are welcome!


We do not maintain a list of potential thesis topics, but if you are interested in doing your thesis with us, please contact aiml-thesis.ics@unisg.ch with the following information:

  • a brief introduction of yourself and your motivation;
  • an outline of your potential thesis project, if you already have one in mind, or a list of research topics you might be interested in;
  • identify if you are interested in a more theoretical or applied project;
  • please add the following documents to your request: a short cv, current transcripts, as well as information on lectures you have visited.

We look forward to reading your application!